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Mining, Drill Rigs, Surface and Exploration, Automation

Aggregate Resources Industries: Reaching a higher level of drilling with automation

Company co-managers of Aggregate Resource Industries, Inc. (ARI) of Oregon, Kris and Katie...


Mining, Drill Rigs, Surface and Exploration

National Quarry Services evolves from one drill to a smart fleet

Strong alliance between contractor, dealer and manufacturer is key to the continued growth of...

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Mining, Automation

VIDEO: Hydraulic Attachment Tools with Epiroc

In this video, Epiroc hydraulic experts give overviews on Epiroc hydraulic attachments including...

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Drill Rigs, Surface and Exploration, Automation

Teleremote demonstration goes global: Running Texas drill rig from Sweden

Technology improvements aren’t about having the most recent, trendy gadgets. They’re about...

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Mining, Rock Drilling Tools

What's Trending At Epiroc USA - Rock Drilling Tools

In this video, Shawn Cheney, Business Line Manager Rock Drilling Tools - Epiroc U.S., talks...
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Parts and Services, Rock Drilling Tools

Case Study: Arizona mine drills down operating costs with rebuilt pipe

Find out how to save money by rebuilding pipe for use at the mine. Tracking data proves pipe...

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Mining, Automation

What's Trending At Epiroc USA - Underground and Surface Mining Equipment Automation

In this video from SME 2019, Epiroc experts talk about the company's latest technology...


Mining, Drill Rigs, Parts and Services

3 ways "reman" saves mines big money

Not that long ago, rebuilding a rig was thought of as a “midlife” remedy, a 20,000-hour...

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Mining, Parts and Services, Surface and Exploration

Maintain tracks now to save money later

It’s tempting fate to avoid daily maintenance checks on tracks and track gear boxes of rigs in...

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Hydraulic Attachments

Hydraulic breakers with built-in dust suppression help you meet OSHA dust rules

OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica standard for construction requires jobsites to limit...


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