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Construction, Drill Rigs, Hydraulic Attachments, Automation

The Conexpo 2020 Product Tour

The new Epiroc products introduced at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2020 are designed to increase productivity...

Loaders & Trucks, Automation, Underground Mining, Cost Savings

The 8 Key Benefits of Battery-Powered Underground Mining

Working in underground mining industry for over two decades, I’ve observed that the move away...

Mining, Construction, Parts and Services, Safety

Making Service Smarter with Cutting Edge Drill Audit Technology

No mining or construction operation can exist without maintenance, but it’s a tenuous balance to...

Scooptram Automation Total

Mining, Automation

12 Frequently Asked Questions about Automation

1. What is automation in mining and construction?A major shift in the mining and infrastructure...

ER 1500 application picture

Excavator Attachments, Construction, Hydraulic Attachments, Mechanical Rock Excavation

Smooth Grooves: Epiroc drum cutters can make a revolution in excavation

It took less than 10 minutes of demonstration for Kevin Hylton to make hisdecision to buy both...


Parts and Services, Surface and Exploration, Safety

Hitting faster, safer: National EWP puts DiscovOre wireline coring system to a field test

At National EWP, a company that specializes in drilling and well services to the mining, water...


Drill Rigs, Water, Oil and Gas

New DH350 oil & gas drilling rig is high-tech and fast on its feet

Exciting for its size, footprint and rig up time, the rig fits the niche right between 250K and...


Mining, Automation

Live From Elko: Boomer M2C

In this video from the Elko Mining Expo 2019, Epiroc sales manager Mike Delbridge talks about...

Pit Viper 311 with cabin operator

Drill Rigs, Automation, Rock Drilling Tools

Implementing automation? Next-gen rotary tooling can lower total drill cost

Implementing automation into mining operations is a big endeavor. As companies work to figure...


Mining, Drill Rigs, Surface and Exploration, Automation

Aggregate Resource Industries: Reaching a higher level of drilling with automation

Company co-managers of Aggregate Resource Industries, Inc. (ARI) of Oregon, Kris and Katie...


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